Duff Daddy Taken to Jail, Told to Pay Up.

The Duff sisters have to find this a little bit funny and ridiculous.  Haylie Duff is probably loving every minute of it actually.  Bob Duff, father to actresses Hilary and Haylie, was ordered to spend 10 days in a Texas jail for contempt of court following a hearing this week brought by the Duffs mother in order to get enough money to buy Hilary a 21st birthday present.

Susan Duff cried to a judge that she wouldn’t be able to equal the $25,000 dollar birthday gift and party for Hilary’s 21st birthday, which is coming up on September 28, that she spent on Haylie.  She also was upset that she had to rely on Hilary for financial stability.  Hello, Susan, It’s called GET A JOB! Your kids are both adults they don’t need raised!

Bob’s attorney brought up a good point.  That It wouldn’t be the end of the world if their “millionaire adult daughter” did not get the 25K present. But the judge still ordered $12,500 to be paid.

The judge also ordered Bob to be taken to Jail to serve 10 days for selling some bad stocks or something.  I wonder what Hilary would think about her birthday present being bought with dirty money.

It’s the girls 21st, she doesn’t need all that jazz. Give her a bottle of vodka  and let her have her first drink! Wait…Never mind.

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