Even Their Spiders are Crazy.

This is one of those things you wouldn’t believe! A British family has moved out of their home after a stowaway spider from Afghanistan has reeked havoc on their home.

Rodney Griffiths just returned home from a 4 month tour of duty in Afghanistan where he was serving as a British soldier fighting the war on terror, but what he brought back with him is more than him or his family expected.

His wife, Lorraine told a local paper, that shortly after her husband returned home, her son was looking for something under their bed when something crawled across his hand. Their dog, Cassie confronted the spider, which they confirmed after looking it up on the internet, but ran away when the creature hissed at it.

The Griffiths don’t find it as a coincidence that their dog died shortly after. The Camel spider, which can be up to six inches across, and can run up to 15 miles per hour, is found in the hidden parts of Afghanistan, far away from where humans would ever be, unless you were…well.. trying to find someone who is hiding for their life.

The above picture is of two camel spiders that were caught and killed together by some US troops. While the spider’s venom could not kill a human, it does have the power to kill a small animal, such as a dog.

The Griffiths have refused to move back into their home until the camel spider is reprimanded. Hopefully it didn’t have baby camel spiders that will start spreading in other parts of the world! EWW!

To the troops! Thank you for everything, but please, shake the shit out of your shit before you come back!

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