The New Jerry Seinfeld.

Pharrell Williams is set to replace Jerry Seinfeld in an upcoming ad campaign for Microsoft.

Seinfeld has appeared in three ads ran over the past 2 weeks featuring him and Bill Gates doing every day things. The comedian was paid a reported $10 million for the campaign.

So why is Microsoft giving the eighty-six to the Seinfeld ads in order to run new ones featuring Pharrell Williams and Eva Longoria?

Some say it’s because sales did not rise after the Seinfeld ads aired, but Microsoft is saying that’s not true, and this i just all part of their process. This is phase 2 of their advertising campaign.

By the way.. Its unlikely even with no success from the Seinfeld ads that Microsoft will consider it a waste of $10 Million.  Their entire PR/Advertising budget for this campaign is $300 Million.

That’s why Bill Gats is the wealthiest man in America for the 15th year in a row…

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