Awkward Arrangement.

LA Ink’s Kat Von D has been dating Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx for about 8 months now. Though he was 23 and had probably been around the world by the time she was born, Sixx insists that Kat inspires him and makes him feel young.

Sixx used to battle with heroin addiction, but he says his girlfriend’s love for art inspires him and it keeps them close wich keeps him on the right track.

This is where it gets weird though. 8 months in Hollywood means your probably already married and over it, but not for these two. Kat and Nikki have instituted a mutual no marriage, no kids policy to their relationship.

She’s nothing more than a BFF and well you can use your imagination for what the “F’s” really mean in this situation.  I know guys would would kill for this sort of arrangement!

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