It’s Like She Jinxed Travis!

Shanna Moakler claims she had a bad feeling about the plane ride Travis Barker was about to take on September 19.

In an interview with US Weekly a month after the crash that left Barker in the hospital until this week, Shanna says that she was supposed to be there alongside Barker, but before he left she told him she didn’t think they should fly together anymore, in case something happened for the sake of the kids.

She then goes on to say he emailed her a picture of the plane before they got on and said how small and scary it was, she replied “be safe” though she had a bad feeling about it.

Then, when she got the call that there had been an accident, she thought it was Travis and his friends playing a joke. When the paramedic told her it was very serious, she broke down and started crying.

According to a jab at Shanna on Travis’ blog last week, she really hasn’t been there for him since right after the accident, she’s also been spotted partying it up with Gerard Butler this past week.

I kind of hate her.

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