How Excited Does The Hills Make Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian posted some photos to her blog from this weekend when her and a few friends went out in Hollywood and stumbled upon Holly Montag’s birthday party.

Kim was with sister Kourtney, brother Rob, Brittiny Gastaneau, and Joe Francis at the party, and they all seemed to be smiling and having a good time in all of the photos…except one.

In the photo they took with Heidi’s sister and the nights guest of honor, Kim didn’t even put on a fake smile!

I have been out with girls before, and when they take a photo with their digital camera where someone isn’t looking or not smiling, they definitely don’t post it on the internet!

Maybe Kim is trying to tell us she’s not impressed with another wanna be celeb trying to make a name for herself in this town.

My guess would be that Kim and co. really did accidentally stumble across the party and when Holly found out they were around she invited them in with open arms.

photo via: Kim Kardashian.

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