From Riches to Rags.

Since being kicked out of Danity Kane, Aubrey O’day is now just another “used-to-be reality star” destined for shows like The Surreal Life.

She’ll make a few bucks stopping by college bars in mid west towns where people go nuts over an almost celebrity, drink a few mixed drinks with the locals, maybe sing a song or two before sneaking out the back and checking into a Holiday Inn.

First stop: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A flier popped up in my inbox for Thursday November 6th where O’day will be appearing at McFaddens Saloon in Pittsburgh where they will celebrate a bombed career by offering $5 dollar bombs all day long.

I can hear you all dialing your phones to make your reservations already.

To the locals… Send pics to Charley and we’ll post em right here.

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