McCain to Appear on Final (Saturday) SNL Before Election.

It’s the days before the election episode of Saturday Night Live that Barack Obama was rumored to be showing up on, but now it looks like it’ll be John McCain appearing on the late night sketch show.

The night of Sarah Palin’s appearance on the show, at an after party, it was rumored that (a possibly drunk) Seth Meyers let the cat out of the bag that Obama would be appearing in the final show before the election, essentially so that he’d be fresh in everyones mind, but now sources are buzzing that it’ll be the other senator making an appearance on the show.

This weekends episode is being hosted by hardcore Democrat, Ben Affleck, which could make for some funny or awkward moments.

But here’s the thing, I’ve been doing some thinking, and theres no way that SNL, a show ran by Obama donors, on a network (NBC) that gives 74% to 14% positive coverage bias to Senator Obama, would have John McCain as their viewers last thought going into the election, so here is what I’m betting will happen.

SNL is having it’s final ‘Weekend Update Election Special’ on Monday, November 3rd, and during the promos they are running on the network now, while showing clips from some of the famous presidential and election skits the narrator says; “You never know who’s going to show up.”

Mark my words Barack Obama will be in New York on Monday night!

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