How to Get Brandon Back on 90210!

*Warning*  This post may contain potential spoilers so if you don’t want to know, do not continue past the jump.

Jason Priestley is coming back to 90210 to direct the first season’s 18th episode even though all of the fans would rather him reprise his role of Brandon Walsh in the new CW series, but based on some recent rumors, I think I know how they can get him back.

Read on for *potential* spoilers.

Rumors are flying around the net that when Brenda (Shannen Doherty) makes her return next week, she’s going to enter the hospital (which is seen on the preview) with some sort of illness that will eventually cut her life short.

While Brenda dying would be quite a shocker to 90210 fans, at least she would have been on the show!  Everyone knew she wouldn’t take a permanent role on the new series, so killing her off would be one way of getting former cast members to come back.

If stars like Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin- Green and Ian Ziering skipped out on Brenda’s funeral, that would almost be the same as them spitting in the face of 90210 fans everywhere.

Bringing said names back for a short cameo in one episode, would leave the door open for their characters to explain their situation, and either come back later or never come back, but at leas the fans would have the satisfaction of knowing.

Let’s get to work, CW, I just wrote you an entire episode, you can send the check later.

p.s. Yes, he’s dressed as a mountie, he’s Canadian so it makes sense.

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