Stephanie Judith Tanner Ready to ‘Tell All.’

When I first heard Jodie Sweetin was going to be writing a tell all book I thought, “how rude,” but it appears we wont have to be reading a Dustin Diamond style commentary of all the scandal behind the scenes of Full House for the most part.

Not that we as readers aren’t for a little scandal, but in the case of Diamond, who played Screech on Saved by the Bell, this is a cheap way of making a buck by exposing all of the people who used to consider you friends.  IAs for Sweetin, she’s actually got a story to tell.

Jodie will reportedly be writing about her childhood, the troubles she had growing up, and her battle and recovery from meth.

I’m sure there will be some sort of Full House references, but as the cast seems to still remain just as close as the Tanners were on the show, I dont think she’ll be letting out anyones deep secrets.

Apparently a publisher just bought the rights to her book for six figures!!!

Cant wait for this one to hit the shelves either!

and for what it’s worth, I don’t read, I just collect.

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