David Duchovny Drops Suit Over Dropped Drawers.

A few months ago David Duchovny hit the UK’s Daily Mail with a $1 million dollar lawsuit when they accused him of ruining his marriage to Tea Leoni because of an affair with his tennis instructor.

Now David has dropped the defamation and invasion of privacy suit, with prejudice, meaning that it can not be brought back to the courts at a later date.

Perhaps since Duchovny and Leoni have appeared to work out their problems they wanted to put all of the negativity behind them, or perhaps the Daily Mail showed David some proof that backed him into a corner and made him drop the suit.


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One Response to David Duchovny Drops Suit Over Dropped Drawers.

  1. November 23, 2008 at 5:09 pm #

    Or maybe it’s because a WEEK ago (keep up people!) The Daily Mail printed a COMPLETE RETRACTION of the article saying THEY HAD NO PROOF!

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