Christopher Ciccone Story Gets a New ‘Twist.’

Christopher Ciccone, author of the New York Times best seller, Life With My Sister Madonna, will be making his directorial debut in early 2009, on a film titled, Twist.

Surprisingly to me, Ciccone has directed numerous music videos and live shows for his sister in the past, including Madonna’s Girlie Show, which you can view a sample of on his official website.

Twist is going to be a teen thriller about a serial killer that invades a coastal California town, and the film’s producer, Nathan Folks, says in a press release, “We have not seen a script this twisted since
American Psycho and Wild Things”

Ciccone could not be reached for immediate comment, but Folks tells StarzLife exclusively, “I’m excited to get to work on this film and couldn’t be any happier that Chris Ciccone is on board as director.”

Has anyone read this book yet? I’m so tempted but that would break my “never reading a book since The Outsiders in 1998,” 10 year streak!!

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