Audrina Wants In On Twilight Action.

Audrina Patridge is trying to establish herself as a serious actress, and what better way than to weasel her way into a newly successful franchise that is full of emerging talent.

Twilight opened last weekend making over $70 million dollars, and became the highest grossing opening for a female director, with the second movie of the seires already being given the green light.

Audrina has now gone ahead and planted the seed, voicing her interest in playing one of the vampires in one of the upcoming films.  She tells MTV, “I would definitely love to play one of the vampires. I don’t know which one because there’s so many in the fourth book that come in,” she enthused. “I’d have to go in and read all the vampires again and see which one I’d absolutely want to play, but I would love to [be a part of it]!”

Sounds like a good plan to me, I dont know how good Audrina’s acting skills are, because I’ve yet to rent In to the blue 2, but It cant be too hard being a vampire, right?

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