Audrina Dreams Of a Day Where She Can Memorize Lines.

Audrina Patridge sat down for a chat with LA Direct Magazine to discuss the price of fame, and while it’s like mostly any other interview you’ve ever read from any cast member of The Hills, I’ve decided to include some highlights.

Plus she looks good on the cover, and that’s what’s most important to me.

Did you ever think the show would get so big?

I never imagined it would ever get this big. I moved to LA to do acting and I was going on castings and auditions every day. When I became involved in the show, I just took it for what it was. I thought it would only be for a couple of months. I also thought it would get me ready for movies. It definitely made me become more comfortable in front of the cameras. I’m very fortunate. I’m having a great time with it right now. Our crew is like family and we’ve all become super close. I love it.

What are some of your future plans?

I just finished the movie Sorority Row with Carrie Fisher and Rumer Willis. It’s gonna come out next Halloween. Besides filming The Hills, I wanna do more movies and scripted TV shows where I have to memorize lines and really become a character. That’s my goal right now. That’s what I’m focusing on.

Who do you admire in the business?

I really like Mila Kunis. She’s kind of done everything. She’s done movies, cartoons, TV shows. Mila and James Franco did a spoof of me and Justin, which I thought was really funny. I don’t think of myself as that interesting. I’m so critical of my own self. It’s flattering and it’s fun because I’ll poke fun at myself, too, like the blank stares [laughs]. I don’t take anything too seriously.

How do you handle the paparazzi constantly trailing you?

I try to pretend they’re not there. But for the most part, I mean, that’s their job and you just gotta accept it and smile and wave and go about your own day.

For those who have never seen the Mila Kunis/James Franco Audrina skit, follow me after the jump.

ReadĀ  the rest of the interview in the DecemberĀ  edition of LA Direct.

The Hills with James Franco and Mila Kunis by James Franco

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