Bush Under Attack While Visiting Iraq.

President Bush made his final visit to Iraq as President this weekend and was attacked by some unlikely ammo, a pair of shoes!

While meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister, a journalist from the country, who was later identified as Muntadar al-Zeidi hurled two shoes one after the other towards the direction of the President.

As al-Zeidi threw the first shoe at Bush and yelled, “This shoe is for goodbye!”  He then shouted, “You dog. You killed Iraqis,” as he was tackled to the ground by security.

Neither shoe hit either of the leaders, and Bush joked after the incident, “all i can report, is that it was a size 10.”

Apparently what you do in Iraq when you want to act childish and show contempt, is to hurl your shoes at the object of your dislike.  When U.S. Marines toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein in 2003 after his capture, celebratory Iraqi’s whacked the statue with their shoes.

In 36 days, Bush will turn the reigns over to President-Elect Barack Obama.


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