Jenner Pal Says Don’t Hate Bromance.

The viewers are few and far between, and the critics aren’t giving MTV’s Bromance the best reviews, but one of the ‘bros’ is sticking up for his pal, Brody Jenner.

Frankie Delgado, who is pretty much the king of MTV reality programming somehow, (being on three shows total) tells Latina magazine about the new MTV hit miss show,

“Its not gay. It’s a brotherhood, a male friendship. They call it a bromance because it’s someone you’re really close with, your best friend. It’s like when girls go, ‘She’s my BFF.’ ” adding that, the reason 15 guys came from all over the country to try and be Brody’s friend, was not because they all wanted to earn cheap fame from MTV but “Because he’s the man! If you define cool, that’s what Brody is: Girls want to do him, and guys want to be him.”

I still think Paris’ BFF was better though..

image via: Frankie Delgado.

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