Brody Jenner Has Gone Soft!

He used to be a permanent fixture inside a Hollywood nightclub on any given night.  Now Brody Jenner is trading the bar for the bakery.

Jenner has been dating former playmate Jayde Nicole for some time now, and things are getting serious, as he tells People Magazine, “we are completely smitten for each other.”

It seems Nicole has completely pulled him out of his habitat as well as he tells the mag, “We stay in, maybe bake cookies. It sounds kind of lame, I know – sorry, boys! – but we bake some cookies, watch DVDs and have nice quality home time.”

Jenner has even stopped drinking all together for the New Year, and has started eating healthier and working out every day.

Sucks for the leaked winner of his reality show, who came out here to find a bromance with the king of Hollywood nightlife and inherit the party lifestyle.

Hopefully softy will come around!

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