More Claims of Sweetin Relapse.

In a classic case of a “is this believable or not” stories, a source on the set of Jodie Sweetin’s latest film (yes, someone hired her for something!) is claiming that they saw the rehabbed star who is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce/custody battle snort cocaine.

A source described as a “co-worker” told the National Inquirer, “I watched Jodie Sweetin snort cocaine.”

The 27 year old actress was just accused of a relapse by her estranged husband Cody Herpin last week to which she quickly denied, admitting that since leaving rehab in 2005 she’s only had a couple glasses of wine at a dinner one night, and quickly called her sponsor right after.

The eyewitness claims the events took place back in August, when things were still fine with her marriage on the Port City set in Wilmington, N.C.

Here’s how the events are described;

“The door of the trailer was locked,  we knocked on the door for a few minutes, and finally some guy let us in. Jodie was sitting on the couch. After a few minutes of conversation, Jodie announced: ‘I have a surprise for you.’ She led us to the back of the trailer where there was a white paper plate with a small pile of white powder and a rolled-up $20 bill beside it.

“Jodie said she’d just bought about $50 worth of cocaine from some local guys who’d been hanging out in the seedy neighborhood where we’d been filming. We each took turns cutting a line of coke and then snorting it. I witnessed Jodie snort at least two lines of cocaine.”

The spy also has apparently passed a lie detector test, but isn’t a lie detector test these days like saying, “I swear I’m not gay I hooked up with a hot girl last night.”

It’s never a stretch for a person with a former drug problem to fall back into the habit, but you’d think they’d be a little more careful than inviting strangers into a trailer and sharing the stash, as well as buying it off of some poor North Carolna locals who would sell you out faster than you can say KFC!

For the sake of her child hopefully the claims are false!  But if they are true hopefully she seeks the help she needs!

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