Adnan Ghalib is ‘If You Seeked’


Britney Spears former boyfriend has just pretty much bought himself a ticket to a nice vacation in the slammer.

As reported last week, Britney’s camp was issuing restraining orders against¬† Adnan Ghalib and her former shady manager Sam Lutfi, but Ghalib has yet to be served for the papers, and last night he avoided it at all costs, even if that means hard time behind bars.

According to reports, a process server showed up a t the home of Ghalib’s former wife where he has been staying, and when he went to leave the server followed him to his car in the back alley way.

As th server approached the drivers side window, Ghalib turned the wheels and drove right towards the man.  The man jumped on the hood of the car to avoid being ran over and Ghalib drove about 30 or 40 yards swerving back and fourth until the man was thrown from the hood and onto the pavement.

The agent suffered a broken wrist and several scrapes and bruises.

Adnan is now facing assault with a deadly weapon charges.

Oh, and also fleeing the scene of a crime!

Maybe he can bunk with Chris Brown!

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