Introducing Baby M.I.A.


It’s not certain if this was authorized by Maya herself, but one of her musican buddies, Africkan Boy posted a myspace blog this morning containing the first image of  M.I.A.’s newborn son!

AB wrote:


I just woke up when i recieved this baby picture from Maya of her newborn son….

He is Handsoommmeee!!..

I Need to teach him how to make PoundedYam and get Straight A’s in School like Me!!!

Love from Maya Ben and I Y H K D!

Welcome to the World!

It’s not her style to do things like sell photos to magazines, but it also wasn’t her style to perform at the Grammy Awards either.   Hopefully she’s cool with this!!

Cute baby though!  Congrats Maya and Ben!  Now tell us the name!!!

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