Seacrest Gang Talks Annoying Ex Idol Contestant.


Apparently we cant call her crazy, because according to Ryan Seacrest on his radio program, recently axed Idol contestant Tatiana Del Toro, as well as everyone else who made the top 36 must pass a psyche exam to be able to compete on the show.

She wasn’t the worst singer, but that laugh, and her annoying presence would end up getting her nowhere in the music biz, which was shown last night when America gave her the old heave ho.

The other 8 contestants who were eliminated  took it with pride, and didn’t cause a scene but Del Toro  nearly collapsed, burst into tears, and had America wondering if she was going to deck Ryan who was trying to console her after it was announce she’d be going back under her bridge.

Seacrest posted a video on his YouTube of the segment where they discussed the departure of Tatiana Del Toro.    Tuesday’s and Wednesday nights are officially annoying free for the time being!

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