California Figures Out the Fix?


Some California legislatures are proposing that the use of marijuana for recreational purposes be legalized and taxed for those over the age of 21 and it could solve the problems with California’s economy, while allowing California police officers the chance to focus on more serious crimes at the same time.

California’s pot crop is reportedly a 14-billion-dollar industry, which is almost 9-billion more than it’s vegetable crop, so some state officials believe that this could be the tax that helps feed the cash hungry state.

The system would be similar to that of the alcohol rules and regulations, and is described as followed;

Assembly Bill 390 would charge cannabis wholesalers $5,000 initially and $2,500 annually for the right to distribute weed.

Retail outlets would pay fees of $50 per ounce of cannabis to generate revenue for drug education programs statewide.

The bill would prohibit cannabis near schools. It also would ban smoking it in public places or growing it in public view.

Supporters also then believe that this would help settle down the drug industry, making underground dealers in less of a demand, but those opposed to the law believe it would just make the dealers go harder after the young children.

The state of California would first have to convince the federal government to altar it’s prohabition on marijuana as well before being cleared to open for business.

Could weed really save the economy?  Who would have ever thought?

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