MTV is Confusing, Says Lauren Ain’t Done With The Hills.


The Hills just premiered last night on MTV, and is currently in the middle of filming it’s fifth season, the season believed to be Lauren Conrad’s last.

Contrary to reports last week that suggested she might not even finish the end of this season, as her contract expired and she was not obligated to film any more scenes, a source told the NYDN that they had thought that through, and had her come in and film some pre-taped reaction scenes to paste in later in the season.

The source claimed, “The producers would make Lauren react to a lot of potential scenarios, because they’re not yet sure how the finale will play out with the other characters.

“They would literally give her directions like, ‘Now react to Stephanie Pratt being pregnant!’ Lauren would just giggle and go for it. She also had to pretend to react to a fake storyline about Audrina and Brody hooking up.”

MTV says that is rubbish, and that they would never be able to make an episode with pre cut reactions pasted in.

They say Lauren will film the rest of the season, and why wouldn’t she when she’s making at least $75,000 per episode!!!

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