Kim Kardashian is Determined to Act in Big Movies.


Kim Kardahian has big asspirations.  She want’s to be an actress, and although her role in Disaster Movie was less than proving of any real acting abilities, she’s got her sights set on some real blockbusters!

Kim has earned herself another small role in the 2008 film, Deep in the Valley, but she recently told an interviewer, “I would love to be a Bond girl, that would be my dream of life.”

Wink Wink to whoever is working on casting for the next 007 film, which will star Daniel Craig again as superspy, James Bond.

Kim also admits she’s such a big fan of Twilight, and wouldn’t mind being able to play the role of an evil sexy vampire in one of the film’s sequels.

Kim Kardashian walks on water in this house, BUT she needs to stay far away from Twilight!  If they add one big name to that movie the entire film franchise will lose any chance of being great.  Create new stars, don’t hire established ones!  (It’s cheaper  too!)

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