Michalel Jackson: To Sing or Not to Sing?


Everybody knows the king of pop will be putting on a high energy dance show when he starts his 7 month London residency this summer.. but is there a chance he might be pulling a fast one on his fans and singing to a pre recorded track?

According to Akon, Yes!!

The singer/producer claims that Michael Jackson will be performing live, but not singing live during his string of 50 shows at the O2.  He claims that Jacko will be singing to a pre recorded live track, but insists it will still be the greatest show ever.

So is this a deal breaker for some fans?  Are some of the fans who bought tickets already going to be upset by this?

Or is it all nonsense and Michael really will be singing?

We’re sure to find out after the first show thats for sure!

Sing Michael, sing!!

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