Stephanie Pratt Speaks Out for Sis-in-Law


Stephanie Pratt is speaking up and defending all the criticism that her sister-in-law and brother are facing after some more boo-hooing in the Costa Rica jungle after Heidi Pratt was hospitalized this weekend with a reported ulcer.

The Pratt camp has been speaking out and calling the way they were treated “torture” and comparing it to Guantanimo Bay, and Stephanie Pratt is trying to make sure their story gets out there.

At yesterdays Aids benefit event in LA, which Bronx Wentz was enjoying with mom and dad, Stephanie Pratt told E! Online’s Marc Malkin; “They kept them locked up and through the roof they were dropping spiders the size of [Heidi’s] hands in on her in the black.” adding, “She was really sick. She thought she was dying….I know they pulled such shitty antics,” she said. “But being treated like criminals or terrorists? It’s insane!”

NBC is still insisting that no bugs were dropped into the chamber, and are claiming that you’ll see tonight when it all airs, as it was all caught on tape.   The NBC insider is claiming that all you will see is Spencer and Heidi sleeping side by side, or sitting next to each other praying, but that the only bugs in the chamber might have been some small one that was not placed inside that Spencer tried to kill.

Surely we’re going to have to hear Spencer and Heidi crying that they were treated badly for the rest of our lives now, so hopefully the video shows what really happened!

Heidi’s sister Holly is to replace her on the show, and theres no word on Spencer staying or leaving yet.    After the first time,  I thought it would be great to have them back, but now I think America is over it and ready to move on without them.

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