Did Raven Symone Beat the System?


The system in Hollywood is that when you’re pregnant, you get hounded by photogs for the first belly bump shots, the ongoing pregnancy shots, and the first baby photos.  But did Raven Symone recently beat the system by giving birth to a baby girl without anyone knowing?

A few sources are coming forward claming to have a photo of what would be the baby Symone.

The popular theory here is that when Symone became about 4 months pregnant with a baby by her non boyfriend, Jussee Smollett, she started to wear baggy clothes and then disappeared to her hometown of Atlanta where she later gave birth.

Not familiar with Jussie Smollett?  He was one of the kids on the original Mighty Ducks movie.  He hasn’t acted since 1995 and first stepped out with Raven this January but the couple played the BFF card.

Their daughter is rumored to be named Lilianna Pearman.

It’s only a matter a time before Raven comes at Myspace with a barrage of CAPS LOCK to talk about the situation.

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