While The Rest Of Us Merely Wish We Were Jonah Hill, Someone On Twitter Does Something About It


If you’ve been following Jonah Hill on Twitter, we have some sad news for you: you haven’t been following Jonah Hill on Twitter. That’s just some guy wishing when he tweets, “watching baseball with michael cera and mike tyson” and “looking for car keys, grrr.” Jonah (the real one) says he’s not even ON Twitter.

What’s worse is that the imposter has been trying to stir strife between Jonah and Jon Favreau. Starpulse quotes Jonah:  “One day someone came up to me and said, ‘Hey man things are getting pretty heated between you and Jon Favreau, who directed Iron Man, on Twitter.'”

You must wonder: Did the person speaking to Jonah actually say, “who directed Iron Man,” or was that an aside of Jonah’s that wasn’t properly set off with dashes? Probably the latter, but it’s more fun to imagine whoever spoke to Jonah felt he needed to give a credit.

Hey, guess who IS on Twitter and isn’t even pretending to be someone else? US! Follow us @starzlife.

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