Ryan to William Morris: Seacrest, OUT!


To make a long and boring story short,  Ryan Seacrest has jumped ship from his angency at William Morris and joined up with CAA  in one of the biggest Hollywood industry shake ups this year.

Seacrest was long rumored to be in dispute with William Morris over them refusing to cut him a special deal on commissions for his new 45 million dollar three year American Idol contract, and apparently after a couple of meetings last week it was the last straw.

He took his business elsewhere!

Now for the interesting stuff, Seacrest is quickly becoming a media giant in this town and before we known it he’s going ot own the ground your standing on.

In addition to being the host of AI, Ryan owns a part of 8 Southern California restaurants,  has a super deal with comcast which gives him first look rights through 2011, a $21 million dollar deal with E! for hosting and red carpets, a fashion line, a nationally syndicated radio talk show, and his own production company which brings in the smash hits such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

This guy is RICH!!

William Morris should have bent over and took this one in the you know what.  They just lost a major cash cow!

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