Jon Gosselin Literally Flirting with the Media


Father of eight, Ed Hardy hocker, recent fiance of his soon-to-be-ex-wife’s plastic surgeon’s 22-year old daughter and all-around classy guy Jon Gosselin was seen out in New York with a gossip reporter from Star, Kate Major. Kate, who actually posed for pictures while out to dinner with this D-bag of the Month, claims “we’re just friends.” Even admitting you’re friends with the person you’re reporting on doesn’t help your case, Kate.

This Star reporter (who is either getting a raise or getting fired) is seriously giving gossip reporters a bad name, which is an incredible feat. Do you know how hard it is to make people respect gossipers even less than they already do?

Plus, if I were to hook up with one of the people I constantly poke fun of day in and day out, it would be Britney, and nothing less than Britney. Firstly, I know she’s into dating the media (that papparazzi Adnan, for all of you with weak memories). Secondly, Britney could be facedown in a puddle of her own regurgitated Frappuccino with her panties hanging from a lamppost and she could still out-class Jon Gosselin.

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