RAWK! Chris Daughtry Sits Atop Billboard Charts


Hell to the yes. What did you think, that because we’re gossip columnists, we sit around listening to Taylor Swift and the Fray? Well, of course we do. But sometimes the Starzlife office needs to rock out like anyone else, and when we can’t find our Creed, Live, Fuel, Candlebox, Staind, or David Cook albums, we like to put in a lil’ Daughtry. “Put in a lil’ Daughtry.” Ha! That’s what she said!

The hard-workin’, honest-rockin’, M.O.R. radio-friendly unit-shifter sold 269,000 copies of his album to people that have never heard of the Strokes. He even kicked MJ off the charts! That means, technically, Chris Daughtry is better than Michael Jackson. Sorry. You can argue with me, but you can’t argue with numbers.

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