Danny Gokey And Adam Lambert Really Like Each Other


Danny Gokey is sick and tired of the hatin’.

The Idol loser, currently on tour with the winner, thinks that all the Lambert and Gokey fans should get along. He tells MTV News that the Gokey/Lambert camps need to form a truce.

So what does the Wisconsin christian guy have to say about his supposed feud with the flamboyant LA gay?

Says Gokey: “It’s not cool. They tend to bash each other. There’s a lot of made-up stories about how me and Adam are behind the scenes, like, punching each other and fighting. And me and Adam are like, ‘Uh, hi, guys! We’re buddies! We’re cool!’ ” Gokey insisted.

What do you think about the Gokey/Lambertgate? Is Gokey for real – or saving face?

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One Response to Danny Gokey And Adam Lambert Really Like Each Other

  1. July 24, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

    As much as i want to believe that his friendship is true, it is hard for me to believe that it is not self-serving. You don’t expect a leopard to change its’ spots, right? But this is just me. I really hope that this is not a publicity stunt by Danny at the expense of Adam. Adam is sweet and nice. He is much love by people. No mean bone in his body. And honestly, there are a lot of haters out there that his fans (like me) are very protective of him. We just don’t like people using him.

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