Amy Winehouse Cleared of Assault Charges


Amy Winehouse has been acquitted of the assault charges brought against her by an unruly fan.

Winehouse was at a charity ball last September when the accuser Sherene Flash lunged toward her asking for an autograph. Winehouse then either attempted to push the fan’s arm away and accidentally hit her (according to Winehouse) or she full on went apesh*t and clocked the fan in the face (Sherene Flash version).

In court, Winehouse testified that she “felt scared” by the drunken Flash, and that their height difference made it impossible for Amy to get a good slug in.

The judge determined that there was not enough evidence to prove that the assault was deliberate, and acquitted the singer. Winehouse shrugged when she heard the verdict. Cocky, much?

You got off this time Amy, be very aware that drugs are illegal in the UK. You might want to save your couture outfit for another possible court date.

Source: AP

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