Paris Hilton Documentary to Air, Challenge All of Our Notions


Paris Hilton has a new documentary airing Tuesday on MTV called Paris, Not France. In it, the heiress states that she has created a character of Paris Hilton and that the public persona we know is not the real Paris.

The real Paris loves sudoku, 19th century romantic poetry, and researching fuel alternatives. Just kidding, I’m pretty sure the real Paris is pretty similar to the public Paris.

The documentary also discusses her sex tape scandal, a scandal which Paris claims has ruined her reputation.

“I always looked up to Princess Diana and all these women, and now I could never be like that,” Paris told E!.

In what ways did you look up to Princess Diana? Because if you look up to Di because she married a prince, then no, you can never be like that. But if you admired Di because of her humanitarian work- do some humanitarian work. I don’t think legless orphans care if the lady giving them food did the nasty on camera.

The documentary airs Tuesday, July 28 on MTV. Will you be watching?

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Source: E! Online

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