Tobey Maguire’s Family Uses the Good Maguire Name to Star in Reality Show


Since when are the Maguire‘s the new Lohans? According to Page Six, Tobey Maguire‘s mom and brother are getting their old reality show. Wendy Maguire and 15-year old Weston will be the stars of a reality show about how “a single mother sacrifices to shield her children from the downside of the entertainment industry.”

Is Tobey Maguire even a big enough star to warrant interest in a reality show about his relatives’ lives? I know he’s Spiderman and all that, but really, the world isn’t salivating over photos of Tobey running errands in Brentwood.

This is the same problem with Kevin Federline and his non-famous girlfriend reportedly getting their own reality show without Britney or his two kids appearing in it. What’s the point? Why do I want to see what Kevin Federline does all day unless it’s just wobbling around following Britney on tour?
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