Guess What C-Murder Just Got Convicted Of


You know that cartoon The Boondocks? Along with Non-Sequitur, it’s the only funny comic strip not drawn by Johnny Ryan. Anyway, when rapper C-Murder first got arrested for murder six years ago, they had a really funny strip where the younger brother screams out, “Hey, C-Murder just got arrested! And you’ll never guess what for!” Now we can all dust off that joke again. Even the Huffington Post is running the headline “Rapper C-Murder Convicted of Murder.” They’re not even trying to be funny. It just works out that way.

C-Murder is Master P’s brother, so that’s why I’ve decided this story is worth mentioning on a celebs blog. This is actually a re-trial for Mr. Murder. His lawyers demanded a retrial when a previous key witness for the prosecution admitted that he never actually saw C with a gun. Too bad a lot of other people did!

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