It’s Almost Starting to Get Sad: Cameron Douglas’s Girlfriend Arrested for Attempting to Bring Him Heroin


What a wonderful, loyal, not-particularly-bright girlfriend Cameron Douglas has. Her name is Kelly Sott, and she’s just been arrested for trying to bring her boyfriend a couple dime bags of heroin hidden in the handle of an electronic toothbrush at a Federal courthouse. Kelly. Come on. Did you think the cops wouldn’t look in there? If you can hide drugs in it, cops look there. They look inside people. You thought they wouldn’t unscrew a Sonicare?

Cameron was at the courthouse for a hearing regarding his recent arrest for being a meth distributor. I wonder: is he addicted to heroin, and was his girlfriend tyring to help him stave off withdrawal in jail? Or was she bringing him the heroin to use as prison money, like cigarettes?

Source: Radar

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