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Alexis Neiers Avoids Prison – Will Spend One Year in Rehab

Reality star personality Alexis Neiers has dodged a bullet in her recent arrest! The Pretty Wild star will be avoiding jail time all together, and being shipped off to rehab for a year. The judge actually went against the suggested two year sentence from the prosecution, because he wanted to do what was best for […]

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Alexis Neiers’ Mom Comes to Her Defense Over Latest Arrest

Alexis Neiers, of E!’s Pretty Wild  was arrested yesterday after a visit from probation offers found her in possession of a fake ID and black tar heroin. This is the mugshot from yesterday’s arrest, but her mother is claiming it’s all a misunderstanding! She tells (coincidentally) E! online: “She was not arrested or being charged […]

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Alexis Neiers Arrested For Probation Violation

Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers, who spent some time in the same jail as Lindsay Lohan for her hand in the Hollywood ‘bling ring’ robberies has been arrested again on Tuesday. After violating a probation stipulation,  probation officers visited her at home where they found her in possession of a Fake ID, and black tar […]

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Happy Birthday, Amy Winehouse!

Feliz Cumpleaños, Amy Winehouse! The singer turns 26 today, despite having the voice and health of a 67 year old washwoman from the slums of Haiti. (I mean that in the best way possible). Eat a heroin-laced red velvet cupcake in her honor today!

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Uh-Oh, Jadakiss Has Got Some ‘Splaining to Do

Rapper Jadakiss had a search warrant served on his Yonkers, NY apartment yesterday, and police found some rather incriminating items. According to MediaTakeOut.com, police found 5 grams of heroin, 6.5 lbs of marijuana, and $40,000 in cash. Not exactly a personal drug stash unless Jadakiss has taken to buying things in bulk, the Costco method […]

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It’s Almost Starting to Get Sad: Cameron Douglas’s Girlfriend Arrested for Attempting to Bring Him Heroin

What a wonderful, loyal, not-particularly-bright girlfriend Cameron Douglas has. Her name is Kelly Sott, and she’s just been arrested for trying to bring her boyfriend a couple dime bags of heroin hidden in the handle of an electronic toothbrush at a Federal courthouse. Kelly. Come on. Did you think the cops wouldn’t look in there? […]

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Former Jackson Pal Calls ‘Spider Bite’ a Lie

Back in 2002, Michael Jackson showed up late to a court date in his molestation trial because of what he called a massive spider bite. He showed the wound off to The Globe saying ” I really was bitten by spiders, I am in agony,”  but a former Jackson video producer Mark Shaffel is now […]

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