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Michael Douglas Is “Devastated” About Son’s Drug Charges

Michael Douglas has finally addressed the big elephant in the jail: his son. The son of Kirk, and wife to Catherine Zeta-Jones, released a long overdue statement about his jailbird son yesterday. Douglas’ son Cameron is being held in a New York jail pending crystal meth drug trafficking charges. Says Michael: “The family is devastated […]

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It’s Almost Starting to Get Sad: Cameron Douglas’s Girlfriend Arrested for Attempting to Bring Him Heroin

What a wonderful, loyal, not-particularly-bright girlfriend Cameron Douglas has. Her name is Kelly Sott, and she’s just been arrested for trying to bring her boyfriend a couple dime bags of heroin hidden in the handle of an electronic toothbrush at a Federal courthouse. Kelly. Come on. Did you think the cops wouldn’t look in there? […]

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From Pieces to Weight: Cameron Douglas Pushed Piles of Meth

More details have emerged about Cameron Douglas‘ once-thriving, now-busted drug hustle: far from being the guy who buys an ounce of shrooms so he can sell to his friends and trip for free, Cameron was a middle man for serious quantities of tina. Oh, I’m sorry, I live in West Hollywood. You call it crystal […]

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