NY Times On Paula And Idolgate; Co-Workers “Didn’t Want Her Back”


As more and more news about Paula Abdul‘s descent from American Idol is released, we’re starting to discover a common thread…

Paula Abdul is an intense negotiator who wasn’t well liked by associates on the show!

An article in today’s NY Times reveals that the “people’s host” polarized Fox associates with her constant negotiating. Some highlights from the juicy article:

They said that she believed that the failure by her “Idol” colleagues to rebut sufficiently insinuations and jokes about her unreliability and possible substance abuse cost her lucrative endorsements.

Uh duh, no biggie there. Anyone who watched ‘Hey Paula!’ knows that she felt like the world thought she was a drug addict. Remember the scene where she told the cameras that – while at a Starbucks at 4:30 in the morning?

But check out this tidbit about Paula’s “hair and make-up” request:

Negotiations between Ms. Abdul and Fox heated up this spring, when she requested a raise to more than $10 million a year, according to people involved in the negotiations, from about $3.5 million. That amount included a salary of roughly $2 million and another $1.5 million for wardrobe and other expenses.

Surprisingly, this – and constant negotiating – which the article states had been occurring for many months, made some turn against the former Lakers girl:

““A lot of people at Fox had mixed feelings about Paula,” said one person who was close to the negotiations. “Some of the people who were having to deal with her on a day-to-day basis didn’t want her back.

What’s your spin, Paula? Can we expect a tweet? Click here to read the full article.

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