Holy Crap, They’re Making a LEGO Movie


G.I. Joe and Transformers were such big hits for Paramount that Warner Brothers has jumped on the childhood nostalgia bandwagon and is slated to bring us a LEGO movie. Yes, a LEGO movie!

G.I. Joe and Transformers may have been toys, but they also had back stories. LEGOs are just blocks. You can’t take any object from childhood and assume it will be successful. It’s like making a movie about the alphabet, or about a sandlot (OK they made that movie, but it wasn’t about a sand lot!)

Warner Brothers is (justifiably) keeping the plot under wraps, but the movie is said to include both animation and live action, and to be a family comedy.

I’m hoping the movie revolves around those LEGO men rather than the blocks, because that would actually make an ounce of sense.

Here’s my pitch: Dad yells at child for always having his LEGOs on the ground. One day Dad slips and falls because of the blocks on the floor, and goes into a coma. Due to a magical spell being placed on the blocks during the night, the child wakes up to find his LEGOs are animated. The LEGOs and the child team up to prevent Mom from re-marrying while Dad is in the coma, the blocks building elaborate obstacles preventing mom from going on dates with the potential suitor (played by Rob Lowe). The LEGOs are thereby redeemed for almost killing the dad, and the child learns the true meaning of family.

Right? Call me Warner Brothers!

Source: Variety

Photo via: Woodleywonderworks’ flickr

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