Turn One on the American Idol Downward Spiral


It’s silly enough that American Idol had to go ahead and sign on guest judges for the auditions for this upcoming season, but Joe Jonas!?!!

Of all the musicians in the world, they chose this guy?

Joe will be participating in the upcoming Dallas, Texas auditions.  So any of you Texans who want advice from someone who doesn’t sing on how to sing better go get in line!

Other celebs who have already judged at the auditions or who will also be appearing are Victoria Beckham, Mary J Blige, and Shania Twain.

Idol has done guest judges before in the past, but it’s going to be hard to fill the void left by Paula Abdul this season, so I can’t picture it going over very well with the audience.

Especially having a Jonas at the table!!   And how do the other JoMo’s feel about Joe being called upon for Idol.   Isn’t Nick the one with the actual talent?

Are you Idol fans excited for these guest judges?

And off topic… Can any contestant surpass what Adam Lambert brought to the show last season even as the runner up?    Is it going to be worth watching besides the week he comes back to perform?

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