Phil Spector: “They’d Kill You Here For A 39-Cent Bag Of Soup!”


Convicted murderer Phil Spector is not finding prison like the four-star hotel he hoped it would be.

In a letter to his friend Steve Escobar, the 69 year-old wigmaker – who is also responsible for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson – has stated that would “like to be moved to a better prison.”

Oh, sure! And can we get you a chocolate-covered souffle for dessert, Sir?

Spector is also miffed at the fact that he is being compared to the likes of legendary psycho bag Charles Manson. In the letter, Spector says he wants:

to get a better prison with people more like myself in it during the appeal process instead of all these lowlife scumbags, gangsters and Manson types….They’d kill you here for a 39-cent bag of soup!

What do you think? Should the killer get a prettier holding pen to spend his final days?

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