Ellen Degeneres Show Sued By Record Companies Who Don’t Understand The Concept of Marketing


Just after the good news leaked of Ellen Degeneresappointment as an Idol judge, news of a lawsuit aimed at her talk show comes out. Some of the top record companies have come together to file suit against The Ellen Degeneres show for using songs without permission.

A main staple of the talk show is Ellen dancing to her desk, with various songs playing as she sashays her way over. Producers never got clearance for the songs. Why complain about free airplay that inspires people to go and buy that song? Agents spend months trying to get artists on to talk shows to promote a song- Ellen just cuts out the middleman.

Arista, Atlantic, Capitol, Motown, Virgin America, Sony Music, and Warner Brothers are all plaintiffs in the suit, and are seeking unknown damages.

I say Ellen should issue a big “YOU’RE WELCOME” to the record industry, and leave it at that.

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