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Oprah Getting Sued For Firing a Mile High Club Stewardess

A former flight attendant on Oprah‘s private plane is suing the O for wrongful dismissal. In other words, Oprah fired the stewardess, and the stewardess is fighting back. So what did the flight attendant do to get fired? Did she speak out of turn? Apparently the woman, Corrine Gehrls, had sex with the co-pilot midflight […]

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Ellen Degeneres Show Sued By Record Companies Who Don’t Understand The Concept of Marketing

Just after the good news leaked of Ellen Degeneres‘ appointment as an Idol judge, news of a lawsuit aimed at her talk show comes out. Some of the top record companies have come together to file suit against The Ellen Degeneres show for using songs without permission. A main staple of the talk show is […]

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Oh Joe Francis, Can You Do Anything Right?

Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild, is having legal troubles yet again. Nope, it’s not for videotaping underage girls, tax evasion, or assault– this time it’s for not paying a bill. Houck Construction is suing Francis for failing to pay construction costs for the work they performed on his Bel Air, CA mansion. Francis […]

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Common Mistake: Rapper Sued Over Sample

Hip Hop artist Common is being taken to court for sampling a song that he did not obtain the proper rights to. Songwriters Andrew Marks and London McDaniels are suing Common for using their song “When Will the Day Come” without permission on his track “Take it EZ”. Here’s the twist: Common actually acknowledged sampling the […]

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