Speaking of Wacksons…


Latoya Jackson is about to lose her Las Vegas home if she doesn’t pay up!

According to some new court docs, Latoya owes $745,670.27 on her property in the Las Vegas International  Country Club.

Her rep obviously said some crap to the extent of “she doesn’t even care about this property”  but it was likely just a cover up for not being able to afford it.

Like when your a kid and you don’t get the latest toy so you cop that attitude of “whatever, I dont even like that one  anyways.”

The auction originally scheduled for August 30, has been postponed until September 30th.   Unless she’s got some Happy Gilmore-esque golf skills and is ready to hop on the LPGA tour this week, looks like she can kiss this home good bye.

Hopefully if she does come up with the money, it’s not Michael’s money that came to the rescue.

Some of these Jackson siblings actually make him look normal!

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