Danny Masterson, Bijou Philips, and Chris Masterson Were Made For Eachother

Danny Masterson

Big big props to Danny Masterson for his latest movie move.   Made For Each Other, due out this December will put Danny to star alongside his brother Chris Masterson, and fiancee Bijou Philips.

It’s the roles they play that might shock you!  Instead of Danny playing the love interest of his real life love interest, it’s his brother Chris who landed the role, and according to what executive producer Sam Hamadeh told Page Six, “They definitely have a lot of sexual chemistry on screen.”

So how was that on set?  Sam continued; “It made for some interesting moment when Danny had to watch his brother and fiancée go at it.”

Would you, Starzlife readers, be able to sit there and watch your brother pretend to do it with your fiancee or wife? You know the making out was at least real!

At least he was keeping it in the fam with supervision, right?

Check out the trailer for the sure to be hilarious film below!

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