Khloe’s Pay Day Wedding


You tell me one person in America who wouldn’t rush to the altar if they were getting this offer.

It’s being reported by the New York Daily News that Khloe Kardashian has inked a $300,000 magazine deal for her wedding photos.

Unless theirs some divorce clause that says you have to pay back all the money if you get divorced in less than X amount of time, she’s silly to not tie the knot this weekend.

Khloe will marry Lakers star Lamar Odom, whom she met just four short weeks ago at a night club.

He just signed a 30+ million dollar contract with the lakers, so he doesn’t need the money, but she could definitely use it!  Then again, this wedding is also pretty much like her signing a 30+ million dollar contract with the Lakers to sit on the bench and watch every night.

Looks like Khloe wins more than anyone this weekend!

Congrats, richie rich!

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