The S.S. Gibson is Sinking Quick


Debbie Gibson must have reached out to Screech for some “making money” advice because it seems all she’s got left is to sell herself.

The former star, who had her Hollywood Hills home foreclosed on earlier this year, has resorted to selling 8×10 glossy photos on her official website.

But the glossy business must be a little rough as well though as she’s took to her Twitter page as a frequent advertisement.

These 8×10 glossy photos are going to run you about $25 if you get them from Deborah herself, but to anyone who reads this who is actually for some reason interested…  I’m willing to make you an offer you can’t refuse!

8×10 glossy photos of Debbie Gibson are now for sale for only $10 bucks on Starzlife.   Heck, if you order within the next 6 months I’ll throw in a second one free of charge!

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