More He Said/She Said in Gosselin Money Case


We told you this morning that Jon Gosselin’s attorney Mark Heller had reported that Jon returned the $180,000 to the family’s joint bank account but it was his wife Kate Gosselin who had not complied with the judges order in showing proof that she spent the other $55,000 on bills and to support the kids.

Well now it’s Kate’s lawyer who is reporting that Kate had turned in everything to the courts ahead of time, while they were still waiting for Jon to put the $180,000 back.

Kate’s lawyer told that only $28,000 had been returned but he recieved an e-mail from Jon’s lawyer this afternoon claiming that he had the remaining $152,000, and was just waiting on it to be wired.

So where is Jon scounging up all of this money from?  Apparently not some place where he could do it all at once!!

Why did Jon’s lawyer lie this morning saying it was returned when it wasn’t?

Why doesn’t someone just print out a damn bank statement or these emails and we’ll see who’s lying and who’s telling the truth!

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